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March 2018

March always is a month of serious nature for students. Students who will be appearing for Board examinations (10,11 & 12th) will undergo mock tests on all subjects every Sunday. The questions were prepared, and evaluations were made in strict manners similar to those followed by school authorities.

Maithri takes this opportunity to thank all donors who are responsible for backing the various educational projects completed successfully in the financial year of April 2017- March 2018.

Maithri student Balaji Krishna who, graduated from Sastra University Tanjore after successful completion of the Bachelor of Engineering course, got a good job in Dubai. He is the first Maithri student to get an overseas employment very soon after course completion. Maithri sends him hearty congratulations.

February 2018

Maithri students are approaching their annual exams and mock tests. The tutors of Patshala put in extra time on students who were weak on specific subjects. A few of the tenth, eleventh and twelfth students are taken to Chettipunyam by bus from Chennai to relax and pray for increased concentration and mental strength. Food was provided by sponsors like Handicare International, Canada and Maithri which made the trip enjoyable and refreshing.

January 2018

Happy New Year to All

Jan always opens with Chennai Book Fair. This year the publisher of the books on "Abdul Kallam" and "Everyday English" asked Maithri Students to receive the first copies. It was a great honour and happy time for the students to take part and go around the book fair and enjoy reading books. This reading habit has been diminishing nowadays.

The hidden talent of students came out when Maithri Patashala, the tuition wing of Maithri conducted a debate on Republic Day. A few of the talks (Sriman, Abhinaya and NirmalKumar) are in youtube links given below.

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