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Student Feedback

In this section we feature notes from students who were sponsored and motivated by Maithri. The notes are posted verbatim from the original message and not edited for grammer or spelling to maintain the spirit of the communication.


My Relationship with Maithri starts at 2000, where my mother and i came to Maithri for educational help. Due to financial issues, it is hard for my family to pay the school fees. At that time, a much known friend of us referred Maithri. Initially, they gave us Rs.200 for my school fee, where the first hope in our life starts. I performed well in both 10th and 12th, where Maithri supported me a lot in those time.

After that i went to SASTRA for Engineering, Where the support continued from Maithri. I should mention about Mr. Chandrasekar Sir, founder of SAMAS engineering,

I am very much thankful to his kind generosity; He has been a great support for my college studies. Thank you Maitri for intoducing me to Mr.Chandrasekar Sir.

During the campus placements, i was got selected in TCS. While I'm waiting for my Call letter, I got a chance to work in Abu Dhabi and now I'm working as an IDM analyst

It is a very long relationship that myself and Maithri shares and it will continue, Where they supported in all the phase in my educational career. Thanks to Maithri and Sridhar sir for your generosity and support at the right time. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me. Pic am in 6th standard

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