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In this section we feature notes from students who were sponsored and motivated by Maithri. The notes are posted verbatim from the original message and not edited for grammer or spelling to maintain the spirit of the communication.


Hi All, this is Harish. Introducing myself, I'm a part of this wonderful Maithri group since 2003-2004. I'm currently working in an organisation called Expleo as a Marketing Executive. I just completed my MBA in SSN college. Maithri has been supporting me ever since I stepped into my school for my 1st grade and from there, I have their back. It's my pleasure to be here getting to know all of you at some point or another. Thanks for adding me in.


I am Fathima and I completed my BE CSE in 2014. I got introduced to MAITHRI since 2010 so almost 11 years of togetherness. We won't feel like a trust alone as all will mingle with us like family members. Inspite of each student coming from different economic background and one's own family situation but once when all meet together automatically we feel energetic and exited to proceed for a successful pathway which maithri will surely show. During those time when I joined we conducted weekend tuitions, communication classes, many events and our special occasion "FUN FILLED MAITHRI's ANNUAL DAY". Other than financial help surely we will be moulded in such a way with many exposures, experiences, team work thought which our confidence will be raised to succeed in our life. Last but not the least "IN MAITHRI U CAN LEARN MANY THINGS AND EARN GOOD HUMAN BEINGS WHO WILL TRAVEL FOREVER WITH US". So I am proud and happy to be in maithri and wishes for the upcoming student and prayers for this success to continue for many years.


My Relationship with Maithri starts at 2000, where my mother and i came to Maithri for educational help. Due to financial issues, it is hard for my family to pay the school fees. At that time, a much known friend of us referred Maithri. Initially, they gave us Rs.200 for my school fee, where the first hope in our life starts. I performed well in both 10th and 12th, where Maithri supported me a lot in those time.

After that i went to SASTRA for Engineering, Where the support continued from Maithri. I should mention about Mr. Chandrasekar Sir, founder of SAMAS engineering,

I am very much thankful to his kind generosity; He has been a great support for my college studies. Thank you Maitri for intoducing me to Mr.Chandrasekar Sir.

During the campus placements, i was got selected in TCS. While I'm waiting for my Call letter, I got a chance to work in Abu Dhabi and now I'm working as an IDM analyst

It is a very long relationship that myself and Maithri shares and it will continue, Where they supported in all the phase in my educational career. Thanks to Maithri and Sridhar sir for your generosity and support at the right time. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me. Picture of me in 6th standard

We are happy to have a new updated "pat back" from Balajikrishna, who studied from first standard to BE (mechantronic) in Sastra university near Tanjore went to work in Qatar. Then he further studied a course on finance and got promoted, with excellent salary. With the salary, he arranged marriage for this his sister and now he is constructing a home in Sri Rangam temple city. Although he had higher schooling from Chennai, he is migrating to Sri Rangam. We in Maithri salute him for his dedication in coming up in life with discipline and congratulate him and are very proud of him. Here is the mail from him.

Good morning sir hope you're doing fine, I have transferred Rs 10,000 to our trust. Please consider this as my small contribution for students scholarship. I am planning to buy an apartment in srirangam. For that I recently came and did the registration, wanted to share this happy news with you. It was a very short time, hence couldn't come and see you. I'll come and see you next time sir.


My name is Rajalakshmi. I work as Assistant manager in Renault Nissan in SAP BI technology. Before I thank God I should thank Maithri trust for helping me to complete my education and attain this position. From the beginning of my 5 years and till my UG degree Maithiri was our only source of help for my studies. I wouldn't have accomplished without Maithiri. Thanks to Maithiri and I thank my grandmother who asked us to seek help when we were unable to proceed with schooling. We did not have good earning as my mother had hearing issues and my dad earned 100 per day which was not enough to pay rent and run the family.
I did my schooling in St. Thomas matric higher secondary school and UG in A M Jain college. I joined in a BPO company temporarily and I donated half of my first salary to Maithiri that would help other kids who are really in need and later looked for a job and in 2011 October I joined Renault Nissan and I still work here. I'm proud and so grateful to be a student of Maithiri. Being a single daughter in my family I take care of my parents even after getting married. I have 2 sons elder one 7yrs old (2nd STD in shiksha public school) and younger 3 months old. Thank you so much to Maithiri for all the support you have given to me and many more students.

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