maithri educational & charitable trust



FROM THE YEAR 2021 JOINTLY WITH GUINDY 1975 TRUST We have helped for the NEET exam coaching for the 12 students in both Sri Ramakrishna Mission Boys And Girls’ schools in T.Nagar , nearly 75 students given training daily in the evening after school hours books pertain to the course given free tea and snacks provided at the beginning After two years we are PROUD to see two boys qualified to MBBS DETAILS OF THEIR PLACEMENT WILL BE KNOWN SOON


Maithri also has a longstanding service record in the field of organizing medical facilities and assistance for the underprivileged and physically challenged. Regular Health camps have been conducted in rural areas, during which differently-abled individuals and others suffering various chronic conditions, due to poverty and age have identified and brought to the city for further treatment and surgery. With the assistance of State Bank of India Community Development Services we have opened a well-equipped Physiotherapy unit for free (no fee) or at very low cost to the differently-abled and economically weaker sections of society in Chennai. Now this unit is functioning in Valasaravakam.

The Trust also provides regular supply of medicines for children affected by motor deficiencies and elders who are under Medicare but cannot afford the annual expenditure. The cost of providing this service amounts to Rs. 70,000 (seventy thousand rupees). To date, we have distributed 15 calipers, 10 wheel chairs and 20 hearing sewing machines to small business starters who believe in self-help

Numerous Cataracts (implanting IOL) and other Eye Surgeries have been successfully done. Assistance is offered for scanning and emergency kidney dialysis. Contributions are also made towards the Insulin Bank.

The Trust undertakes emergency disaster relief, and our volunteers have provided their services during the Uttarkashi earthquake, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh cyclones, the Gujarat earthquake and 2004 Tsunami in TamilNadu.



Starting with 20 children under its care, now the trust has 218 students whose educational needs are being looked after. The beneficiaries are academically good students from poor families. We believe that once a child is given good education, it would serve as good foundation for future life and betterment. Our mission thus stands guaranteed, "You help us. We help the helpless so that they help themselves". So far, more than 250 have benefited though our Trust of which, 10 are Engineers, well settled in the US and the Middle East. They stand to prove our Vision: education is the prime motivating and uplifting force.

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