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2008 News

December 2008

World Disability Day was celebrated by Maithri on the 6th along with another NGO, in Meenakshi College Auditorium, Chennai. The programme was well attended and 3 tri-cycles were handed over on behalf of Maithri to deserving persons residing in the rural areas of Madhuranthagam District. Ankle support (Rs. 20,000/-) was provided to a school going child from Chennai; Thanks to Lister Foundation, Mylapore. Christmas marked with distribution of clothing to deserving students of Maithri. Maithri thanks a donor from USA for a new laptop for our educational (community) group. The number of students getting aid from Maithri now has risen to 147 and 2 more are still in the waiting list awaiting the generosity of donors. Photos below.

November 2008

Maithri had a wonderful and interesting visitor, Mr. Raghunath from the Kanchi Kamakoti Foundation Inc., New York, USA. He made efforts to understand our projects and network of rural educational programs by visiting places around Chennai. He also distributed the educational help provided by Maithri to the children who are under the care of charity homes in villages. We gained useful information from his visit and expertise.

October 2008

Deepavali was celebrated by Maithri with senior citizens and children on 19th October by distributing dresses, sweets and food. Thanks to Mr. Prabhu Srinivasan who had sponsored this in memory of his father Mr. Srinivasan. Maithri provided dress materials (with stitching charges) plus soaps, shampoo, dhal packet, snacks and sweets to 7 needy children. These deserving students want to remember this festival fondly for its fun and joyous celebrations and this was made possible by the volunteers of Maithri.

Bringing joy and happiness in the life of these children by means of such get-to-gethers, will ensure that they do not feel isolated from society. As their childhood will never come back in their life, it is important that these days are filled with fond memories. Children responded happily and hope that this would be an annual event.

Maithri would like to make this an annual event. Maithri requests and seeks sponsors for this annual important event that brings bountiful joy to the children.

August 2008

61st Indian Independence Day was celebrated by donating a sewing machine to a destitute woman in Pallikarannai (near Velacherry). Plates and tumblers were given to an orphanage near the city of Chennai.

The number of students getting help from us has gone up to 127 (20th Aug,2008). . Another 10 students are currently on the waiting list and WE SEEK SPONSORSHIP FROM DONORS.

July 2008

We are happy that so far 112 students have received educational fees, books, notebooks, writing instruments, uniforms and shoes. Of which 8 students are pursuing graduate courses and 3 are pursuing engineering courses.

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