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JAN-APR 2022

Maithri wishes "A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR" to all the students, parents, donors, patrons and volunteers.

In Jan-Feb, students are still attending online classes and awaiting the impending decision on "in-school" classes from the state government.

The delayed book fair finally opened in the city as the local government eased Covid restrictions in late February. The Founder Trustee, Mr. R.Sridhar, and about 20 students visited the book Fair in Chennai. The students were happy to view and enjoy a much-awaited book fair and a mighty chance to meet their friends in person. The students thoroughly enjoyed this short trip. Murugan, father of Maithri student was provided with a cart for roadside clothes-ironing. That was his livelihood which was shattered by a wayward drunk driver. Maithri came to his rescue and provided a cart to resume his profession quickly.

The results of professional and other courses were released in March. Satya, a long time Maithri student completed his Bachelors in Engineering and Aishwarya, a long time Maithri student as well, completed her Allied Corse in Medical Technology this year.

As the announcement for Class XII board exams to be conducted in April/May timeframe was made for both Central and State Boards, mock-exams were conducted by senior Maithri students for the Examination candidates. The mock exams were attended eagerly by students and they fared very well. Presence of peers and friends and willing teachers and assistants encouraged all the students to put in their best efforts.

MAY-JUL 2022

Maithri has been happy as all students who wrote the final exams of X, XI & XII did very well.

The XII Board Exam toppers are HARIPRIYA, R., LOSHINI, R., GOKULESWARAN, and SHAI GHEETHA, S. D. and X toppers are YOKESH, D., DEVYESH, C., and VIGNESH, V.

August 2022

75th Independence Day celebrations included Flag hoisting by the Founder, Trustee, Mr. R. Sridhar. We had simple but meaningful celebration, started the day with meditation and ended with National integration talks by students.

SEP-OCT 2022

Ishwarya's success story of getting into the Masters' program in Ramachandra Medical College is the highlight for this month. She has been studious and a consistent topper since kindergarten times despite her family's financial situation. Her academic brilliance in Bachelor's degree earned the entrance test to become first out of more than 100 people for her next level program. Maithri worked with the crowd funding website Milap and could raise her fees within India and help her realize her dreams.

We had Navaratri celebrations of 9 days festivities that showed the creativity in doll arrangement. The students showcased a traditional dress ramp-walk and all participants were treated to a dinner and a gift on Saturday 30th September.

NOV - DEC 2022

The month started with Deepavali and birthday celebration of the Founder, Trustee, Mr R Sridhar, The current students, alumni and patrons had come over to wish Mr.Sridhar and enjoyed reminiscing about their associations and interactions with Mr.Sridhar and Maithri trust. There was a cake cutting ceremony and students enjoyed minging with the young and old. Food was also served to all the attendees.

In the month of December, the auspicious tamil month, "Margazhi" was celebrated with "Thiruppavai" competition for the students. 100-130 Students from various schools competed this year. The students enjoyed reciting verses and the winners were announced. A silver coin was presented to winners and a momento for all participants and invitees, organizers and judges. Big Thanks to Mr. Chandrashekar, SAMAS Engg and Swamiji, Ramakrishna High School, North Branch for providing the large classroom for this function.

Maithri also ended this year with distribution of groceries for the deserving and needy families in the outskirts of Chennai. 500-600 pockets of such communities were identified and one such area with 30-40 families received groceries in the last week of December.

Maithri thanks one and all for standing with them in times of need. Maithri wishes every one of you a healthy and happy 2023.

Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year!!!

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