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2009 News

December 2009

This month marks some very important events participated by Maithri.

"HEALTHY AGING" an open Forum was conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industries (Health Panel, TN) where, the Keynote Lecture was delivered by Dr. Robert P. Friedland, MD, Department of Neurology, University of Louisville School of Medicine, Kentucky, USA. Maithri's Shreedhar and Reshma Sharma took part in this event.

On 25th, Maithri hosted a meeting where the topics addressed were on Improvement in concentration on studies' for students and also, on How to cope up with the present day emotional and psychological demands in the daily life of the Students. These important topics were discussed by Mr. Naresh Gupta, Chief Election Commissioner, TamilNadu. Sangamitra Amuda, a spiritual activist from Sanmarga Foundation., talked on meditation and self analysis by writing every day's happy and sad experiences separately as a means for introspection and self-improvement. Students had active discussions with both the speakers. Snacks and tea were sponsored by donors. (pictures)

On 27th Maithri went to Kalanjiyum trust and took part in student session on HOW TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE COMMUNITY? Each student has been given an opportunity to express what each one wanted to be in the community and serve the society. Shreedhar spoke on various ways the students can contribute to the community and giving importance to their own family to start with some pictures of the students spoke in that meet and trustee and members of both the organization.

November 2009

On November 7th, Maithri took part in the XI Citizens Run at the Marina beach, Chennai under the threatening dark clouds. Shreedhar, along with students and volunteers completed the run for the eleventh year with welcome cheers from the trustees of Citizens' Run Trust. Here are the Photos

We are very happy that Dr (Miss) Bhargavi, who is now looking after Maithri physiotherapy unit (from June 2009) got Gold Medal (for her excellent performance by standing first in south India) from H.H. Barnala, Governer of Tamilnadu. Addionally, Mrs. Kathiyayini Mani, who was with Maithri physiotherapy unit (November 2007 - March 2009) graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland.

October 2009

Deepavalli, the festival of lights was celebrated by Maithri with 20 most needy children. They were provided with new dresses and fire-crackers. This was made possible with the support extended by Sri Kumaran Silks of Panagalpark and Mylapore, Chennai. Both the shops gave away free dresses to Maithri students (churidar sets and gowns for girls and shirts for the boys). A special thanks to Mrs Manju for introducing the benevolent Kumarans to Maithri.

In the month of October, Maithri participated in three major programs involving children.

Maithri participated at Avvai Home where The Aseema Trust (a NGO) performed a music and dance programme with the students of Avvai Home, Chennai. The dance was choreographed by V.R.Devika (Aseema Trustee) and musical rendition by Bombay Jayshri..

Giants Group of Chennai Main (another NGO) conducted series of service oriented programmes. On 26th October, Maithri took part in their fund raising drama by Crazy Mohan in Vani Mahal, T. Nagar, Chennai. Giants Group of Chennai is the main provider of school uniforms to Maithri students since 2006.

On 26th October, Maithri took part in the closing function of training workshop for transgenders in Chennai. The transgenders underwent karate training to improve their self-confidence and general health. The six-day training session, also included other kinds of physical strength exercises like yoga, meditation and a personality development session. Under the auspice, 'The Kara Gender Capsule', about 100 or more members of transgender community are being trained by Reshma Sharma, a qualified instructor. The training was jointly organized by Dojo Chakra and Maithri Educational and Charitable Trust with the assistance of the Tamilnadu Aids Control Society and the G7 Group of companies. Hon. M.P. Ms. Kanimozhi Karunanidhi was the chief guest for the valedictory function.

Some photos from that occasion -

September 2009

This month 4 new engineering students became the recipients of Maithri's support. This was made possible because of some excellent support obtained from some very generous sponsors.

On 28th September, Maithri invited Ms Reshma Sharma, a self defense (karate) and personality development teacher/counselor to have a dialogue with Maithri's college students. 19 students took part and enjoyed this one-to-one chat and counseling. The students yearn for such workshops where their views and voices are heard. Also, they cherished the guidance obtained regarding various aspects of life and preparing themselves for meeting the demands of the real world like the work environment, etc. The students look forward to such workshops as they feel these open forums will help them immensely to meet fresh challenges when they complete their scholastic aspirations.

Some photos from that occasion -

August 2009

On the 16th of this month, Maithri conducted a free eye-camp in cooperation with Rajan Eye Clinic, T.Nagar. 46 students and their parents availed this opportunity and of which about 7 students were called in for a follow-up for spectacles. Maithri thanks Rajan Eye Care Hospital for their methodical screening tests. Our thanks to the excellent service rendered by the surgeon and optometrists. Every attending member was provided with packed lunch which was generously provided by Mr. Gopal of Geeta Cafe, T.Nagar. Ms Sowmya Simhan and Mr Srinivasan of Sukruthi Social Foundation participated actively in the camp. The following Saturday was spent in taking the children for follow-up visit to the doctor. Appropriate eye-glasses were donated to the students who were prescribed spectacles.

Some photos from that occasion -

July 2009

In the month of July, Maithri sponsored 5 new deserving students in addition to the existing regular ones. On 30th July, Maithri team went to the village Kalpattu (90 Kms from Chennai) to provide educational expenses for the poor students for the academic year 2009-10. The students from various schools attended the program and received the checks from the Founder Trustee, Mr. R.Shreedhar. Many of the students are orphans. The program was arranged by Kalanjiyam Trust.

Some photos from that occasion -

June 2009

On June 1st, a team of 4 board members from Mariona Sauquet Foundation, Barcelona, Spain visited with Mr. Ranvir Shaw, owner of Chennai based Apparel Company visited Maithri. The team met with the students, exchanged views and queried about their future study plans. They gave a gift packet to young Bharathy who is in her 4th grade and Subhashini who is undergoing her BE 3rd year in Textile/Apparel technology. They were very impressed with the girl's eloquence, emotional and passionate talk about her studies that Mr. Ranvir Shaw asked Ms. Subhashini to come in for a project in his company for a week (before her college re-opens) and promised that his company staff bus will pick her up. After observing her dedication and hard work for a week, they were very happy and offered her a job for the next summer.

Our student flow continues on Saturdays and 4 new students were inducted with good sponsorship. Aishwarya M.'s (9th grade) father died recently and her was mother was forced to take up a cooking job. Maithri came to her rescue with the help of a generous sponsor paying her entire year fees of nearly Rs.11,000. She shows good interest in Bharthanatyam and encouraged by Maithri and her sponsor. Photos of Trustees and Volunteers filling applications, cards and disbursing fees.

May 2009

The students studying under our aegis excelled in the recently held board exam results. 6 girls and 5 boys topped in their school. All the students (100%) of the students sponsored by Maithri have graduated to the next class for the year 2009-2010. Two students have successfully completed their engineering degree and graduated with excellent prospects from campus interviews. Due to the prevailing economic recession period, they will have to wait for a few months to get the exact date of joining. Saturdays are filled with students filling the application for the new academic year and providing their mark-sheets and Thank you letters to Maithri and sponsors for the timely assistance. This month, 31 students received monetary assistance for educational fees, books, notebooks, uniforms and shoes and another 100 (regular) plus 19 (new) are currently awaiting the review by Maithri. Maithri thanks HCI, Canada for their prompt sponsorship - 44 students this academic year and various individual donors for their continued patronage.

Maithri jointly conducted a one-month computer basic training course/workshop for 6 children and a mother of Maithri sponsored child. On 26th May, they were given certificates and small gifts for their successful completion. Dr Shobana Sundaram (Maithri trustee) and Mrs. Praveena Ranga(Maithri volunteer) took part in this event along with Mr Srinivasan of Sukrithi Social Foundation.

Some photos from that occasion -

April 2009

In the early part of this month, the students were very much involved in their studies preparing for their final exams. Since the second week of this month, Saturdays are flooded with old students getting new application forms for financial assistance for the next academic year. We have received more than 30 applications and of which, 16 students were provided with this year's fee and other study materials. Number of new students applications are coming in for review. The number of new applicants are more than previous years. The new applications are being reviewed and as per our policy and norms, very deserving students will be given priority and will be awarded assistance in June/July of this year.after our regular candidates.

March 2009

Early this month, Maithri entered into a joint venture with another NGO and inaugurated training programs for the specially-abled children. Maithri students were taken to MGM theme park, where the children played various games, enjoyed boating, giant wheels, roller coasters, etc. The entry ticket of Rs 300 per person was sponsored by a donor for 23 children. The children enjoyed this break before the days of preparing for exams began. Two students were inducted to our student list for 2008-09 academic year. Both are in the professional degree stream. These deserving candidates have been performing well and scoring very good grades. HandiCare International Canada, has agreed to sponsor 50% of the study cost for the rest of the year.

February 2009

Mrs. Sulochana Krishnamurthy of Handicare International Canada visited Maithri and interacted with students. The programme started off with a Flute recital by Harahara Subramanian, an engineering student. Students received souvenir from Maithri/HCI and parents and students were served packaged snacks. The event was enjoyed by active students, proud parents and sponsors - HCI and Maithri.

Some photos from that occasion -

Maithri co-sponsored the distribution of Papparamittai, a collection of stories narrated musically for kids. The program was held in the Russian Cultural Centre near Hotel Chola, Chennai. All students and parents from Maithri took part and each received a set of Papparamittai CDs volume 1 and 2.

Some photos from that occasion -

January 2009

The year began with students joining to hold Prayers for World Peace and Communal Unity in Maithri office. Later Pongal gifts were distributed and a former student, Santosh Mahadevan who got a job in Mumbai narrated briefly about the help and guidance he received from Maithri when he was in Coimbatore College hostel pursuing Engineering and German language courses. He has already started a donation of Rs.1000/month to Maithri and Maithri appreciates the gesture and wishes him Good Luck in all his endeavors.

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