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December 2020

Online classes has been a reality in this COVID-19 affected year. Mr. Shankar Ram has been kind enough to donate new Android Mobile phones to deserving students to enable their continuing, ONLINE studies without any obstruction. So far, 15 deserving, desperately needy students were provided with new Mobile phones with WiFi facility. This project has been a great success with students being happy and enjoying the online classes without any interruption and no complaints from their teachers for missing classes.

Maithri with two other volunteers joined hands to support Women Entrepreneurs specifically, the nonagenarian, Koushalya Patti and her septuagenarian daughter, Kamala Patti. Stunned by their grit, perseverance and hard work to graduate from a roadside eatery to a well housed 'Tiffin Center'. Maithri and a few well-wishers donated a few appliances during these trying Covid times.

Maithri wants to thank each and every donor from the bottom of their hearts and full of appreciation for the various concerns to one and all and further in making Maithri shine for one more year despite a trying year for students and their families. Maithri feels proud in their endeavor to satisfy the essential needs of students and their family to the maximum/best level.

Wish you all a very Happy and Healthy 2021!

November 2020

The Founder Trustee Sridhar's birthday was celebrated as Founders Day by Maithri senior students along with volunteers and well-wishers; Ms Rajeswari, Mr. Sundaraman, Mrs. Bhuvana Sundaraman, and Mrs. Usha Ramesh. All the guests were patient audiences to talks of the past students' experiences and their family background. They also elaborated on how Maithri came to their help and guidance and how they are able to 'give back' in various possible ways (like teaching younger students in various subjects, preparing and sharing their job interviews (both in-person and online). Guests spoke appreciating the work and services done by Maithri and how Maithri has adapted to the growth and changes for the upcoming generation. This was followed by cake-cutting and lunch.

October 2020

A donor from Hyderabad donated 100 T-shirts (of various colours and sizes), caps and masks. These items were distributed to the mentally-challenged students in Murthy School, West Mambalam, Chennai and to the hearing impaired Little Flower Convent, T.Nagar, Chennai for the upcoming festivals.

Mobile/Cell phone donation was made to Divya, first year engineering student (EEE), to enable her access to the online classes which has become the new normal during these Covid stricken months.

Maithri student, Aishwarya studying her final year B. Sc. (Cardiac Techonology) has been very busy attending to very many COVID 19 affected patients.

September 2020

September 5th marked Sir Radhakrishnan's birthday, Teachers' Day. All students greeted their teacher online on the 5th and a few spoke about their favorite teacher.

On 26th September, Maithri gave away cheques to thirty-one sponsored students studying in the rural outskirts of Chennai. The pictures show the students receiving the cheques from a local Maithri representative abiding by the imposed government restrictions of gatherings of not more than twenty persons.

August 2020

Independence Day was celebrated in a small way with 20 children in the outskirts of Chennai. On the 15th, children congregated in spite of heavy rain. They sang patriotic songs. Sweets, pots and clothes were distributed to some parents whose daily wage employments were affected by Covid. The local state-run elementary school headmistress spoke on the values of being an Indian. Cultural activities marked the end of the event.

Mr. Sivasakthi, Maithri student, studying Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, looks after a tender coconut roadside shop in the evenings to earn for his family (elder brother, a final year commerce student whose exams and results are held back because of Covid; mother, a house maid and father away)

June/July 2020

The XII board exam results were announced this month. Maithri had 100% pass percentage. Maithri toppers are R. Vignesh, S. Priyadarshini, U. Vedha Mageswaran and S. Siva Prakash. These four students have also scored top marks in individual subjects. Congratulations and Good Luck to all the XII students who are at the helm of venturing into college education.

The COVID-19 lockdown which started on March 2020 has caused many hardships for the families of various Maithri students. Many families of Maithri students' suffered job loss as they are daily wage earners and getting a job became scarce. Maithri not only cares for the academics of the students, but also for their well-being and livelihood and Maithri provided financial assistance to these families to meet their monthly needs such as rent, grocery, electricity charges and charges for online classes.

Former students of Maithri in the process of "giving back" ventured into on-line training sessions and classes. M. Aishwarya, former Maithri student conducted webinars for students trying to figure out their education and career paths. Kudos! to Aishwarya for conducting a highly motivational and informative webinar to help students at crossroads to figure out their education and career paths.

May 2020

It has been a month to look after the well-being of students and in particular their daily wage earning families. Maithri provided the families with groceries, cleaning materials, mask, hand sanitizers, gloves, etc. These supplies were provided for more than fifteen such families for the last three months and the month of June too.

Regarding education, examinations, start of next academic year, school re-opening - all seem to be improbable event under the present circumstances of COVID19 situation in the city. When X public examinations were cancelled, the psychological impact on the good students was very visible. They had prepared for a splendid entry to the next class but were disappointed to be treated at par with others and X being a milestone for entry into the secondary education, they will have to wait for two more years for the XII examination to show their talents.

Online teaching has been started in few schools for the present semester. Maithri wishes each and every student "A Great Success"

April 2020

COVID-19 has put many under lockdown in the world and we are no exception. Maithri has always had a 360 degree approach towards the students: being informed of their general well-being. Towards this, we present below a few communications and compilations from a few students (current and past) regarding their present situations.

Good morning! I am Rajalakshmi, a science graduate with the help of Maithri. Working and have a child. These quarantine days gave an opportunity to spend time with family, but I am using my mobile phone a lot and I am trying hard to reduce it. Also managing official work from home. This gives a lot of time to keep our place and home clean. We can take our own time to organize our things, clean-up activities. For the book readers, it is an excellent time to explore a lot, I read only one book, still trying to complete a few more. Overall, quarantine - to a limit is enjoyable.

Good morning! I am Lokeshwaran. I studied diploma in mechanical with the support of Maithiri. For the last 6 years, I am working in Mahindra (R&D) as a Team leader. I am going to complete B.E part time this year.

Hello all, Prabhu here. Working as an Business systems analyst in Flex International global business services over 6.5 yrs after completed my MBA in HR and Marketing. I've been part of Maithri for 18 yrs. This lockdown has shown me another phase of life which, is so peaceful and boring too. Has given me ample time to spend with my mom which I haven't experienced all these years. Not using much mobile and helping her in whichever way I can. Quite interesting and enjoyable. At the same time, I'm working from home much more effectively than at the office. Overall, new experience for sure, won't get this kind of time in the future. I am safe and hope you are all safe as well.

Hi! Ishwarya here. I am the part of Maithri family since 2009. Working as an Asst. Prof. in Dr. M.G.R. Educational and research Institute, Maduravoyal for the last 2 years. About quarantine, it is an excellent opportunity for me to spend time with myself. Great time for book lovers. My utmost satisfaction is that I completed reading the classic tamil novel "Ponniyin Selvan" Finally, staying home and staying safe.

Good Afternoon. This is Krithiga. Am a MBA graduate with over 5.2 yrs experience in HR. Left my last organization CSS corp to take care of my 'lil one, Krish. Being at home is even tougher than going to office. This quarantine time gives me ample time to explore my culinary skills. Since we as family being at home enjoy playing old time games which we never even think about nowadays. Happy to be with our loved ones at home. Hope the situation gets better soon. Happy weekend to all.

Good afternoon all. This is Shyamala. This quarantine time helps me to build strong relationship with my mother in law, co sister's sons and moreover with my husband. Since I am in a joint family, I have utilized this opportunity to spent more time with the children in the family and read moral studies. Also, we play carom board, lock and key and other fun games. I never talked with my co sister before, now we have talked a little. I designed banners, visiting card for my husband. After lock down, I have some plans to implement. Hope this situation turns around and my plans will come true.

Balamurugan, studied from 6th to B.Com with the support of Maithri. After working with a call taxi service in Chennai, he started his own business with the help of another NGO that bought him a cart for his business efficiently. His road-side business suffered a lot during lockdown period. Initially he got some support from the state government to support his family; wife and school going girl child (supported partially by Maithri but resources dried out soon and Maithri came to his rescue by providing him Rs. 10,000/ to survive through this adverse period as part of Maithri's corona scheme.

February 2020

One hundred students studying in the X, XI and XII grades went to the temple (located in Chettipunyam village) on 19th (Sunday) by bus. All of them were given dress and writing materials, free breakfast. The students were accompanied by trustees, teachers, parents and senior students. All students prayed to Lord Hayagreeva for immense concentration in studies. A healthy lunch was provided and they ate at the banks of a lake (this year it's full of water) and monkeys playing around. The students enjoyed the trip and the support they got from Maithri.

January 2020

Maithri wishes "A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR" to all the students, parents, donors, patrons and volunteers. On Pongal day, students got together and spoke on the importance of agriculture and its increasing necessity.

January always begins with a visit to the book fair by the students. The students were attracted to the humongous archeological display that emphasized on universities found in the state of Tamilnadu and students were fascinated by e-book and book reviews

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