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December 2019

December 22nd marked Maithri Alumni meet. Alumni students met with current students facing job interviews (in the final year). They explained about the prevailing situation and how one can face and adopt to the required modern selection by the job providers. They also discussed about para-medicals and coaching centers and found these were high opportunity areas. Mere qualification cannot ensure a successful selections but flexibility and confidence to get the job done. The current students listened to the experienced Maithri alumni suggestions and experiences.

October/November 2019

On November 4th, the founder, Trustee, Mr. Sreedhar's birthday was celebrated by students and parents. The students spoke about the kind-hearted Mr. Sreedhar and how they are helped financially, scholastically, and emotionally.

On November 22nd, 24 students of Sri Ramana Vidhyalaya and 4 students of Sri Ramakrishna Higher Secondary School in Mudichur, outskirts of Chennai, were provided school fees this year. The amount paid was more than Rs 100,000. The trustees and Headmistress spoke on this topic in a simple function held in the school premises (pics).

August/September 2019

On August 15th, Independence Day was celebrated by Maithri with students, parents and volunteers. The students gave speeches on freedom fighters and their sacrifices for Indias Independence. A few even gave good extempore speeches.

Kavyashree, Maithri sponsored student, completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree with great laurels.

July 2019

Students sponsored by Maithri have come out with 100% pass rate for X, XI and XII exams in the 2018-2019 academic year. The XII grade toppers are Pavithra M, Shai Sudha and Aravindh R and the X grade toppers are Prasanna S, Eashvar S and Bandaru Sai Karthik. The XI grade toppers are Vignesh R, Salla Gautham and Lithin P.

On July 10th, Maithri students with parents, tutors and founder trustee visited Kalanjiyum trust. Maithri gave away cheques to the 27 Kalanjiyum students who are recipients of sponsorship from Maithri. The parents and students from Maithri gave half hour talk on their experience and the latest trends and interests. The group had a nice lunch session and enjoyed the village atmosphere: the gentle breeze and greenery.

June 2019

Students from Sastra University, Tiruchirappalli visited Maithri on a project involving teaching students on the following subjects: physics and nano technology. They interacted with Maithri students and answered inquiries and questions from the students. They enjoyed the interactions with the students and left with full satisfaction.

April/May 2019

The months of April and May 2019 were fully dedicated to prepare the students for the ensuing academic year. New kind of teaching and testing methods have been promulgated by the state educational system and we prepared the students for the changes by providing a few mock classes and tests. The severe summer with water shortage caused innumerable health hazards. The students were provided with awareness on keeping their surroundings clean sans mosquitoes and drinking clean water and how to tackle water contamination through practical sessions.

March 2019

A month of examinations, advanced due to the Indian General Elections that's scheduled to be held in April 2019. Mock-exams, group-study and extra hours of coaching were facilitated for the students by Maithri for a tension free exam time.

February 2019

In this month, Maithri went with 250 students for their annual visit to Chettipunyam, Chengalpet district. The students enjoyed the visit to the 500 year old temple of Lord Hayagreeva, the lord of learning.

January 2019

Happy New Year to All

New Year started of with student groups' visit to book exhibition, an annual Fair in the city. Twenty students, and many volunteers accompanied the Founder trustee to this annual book exhibition. The students noticed that the habit of reading non scholastic books has come down badly with few young ones buying or reading novels, fictions or general knowledge books. Maithri students had a discussion on this topic and made a promise to allocate some time on Sundays for reading aloud and discuss the books that were read recently and get some time off from electronic gadgets. The harvest festival Pongal was celebrated and the students had a get-together and discussed about agriculture, rain water harvesting and how to be economical in water usage.

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